Jen Osmun, Director of Operations

Peter is a one-of-a-kind man.  With his enthusiasm to help others, whether, with mentorship, connection introductions, or sound advice, Peter is there for anyone who asks.  His passion for entrepreneurship, building businesses from a simple conversation or an idea that has popped up in his mind, Peter takes it to a level of success!  I have had the pleasure of working with Peter for the past six months and I can honestly say his passion is contagious, his business acumen is unparalleled and it has been a thrill to be part of it all.

Juli Crafton, Social Marketing Director

Peter is someone very special in my life. I met him just about a year ago, since then my life has done a complete 360!! He saw the level of achievement and capability I had within me when I was struggling to see it myself. Acknowledgement of that height has the ability to show you an alternate version of reality that is most definitely attainable.  He is devoted to helping those who help themselves and I’ve seen it live in action! I hope to leave a legacy as inspirational as peters one day!

Sudipa Datta, Project Manager

I met Peter coincidentally and after discovering more about him I knew he was someone I needed to learn from. Most of us grew up with parents teaching us to go to school, get good grades and get a good job. But after doing so I realized that path will never make me financially independent and worse if you lose your job you lose your ability to pay your bills or take care of your family. Peter is offering us a chance at a better life and to learn how to work for ourselves and to find something we are passionate about. Although I haven’t worked with him long I’m already on this incredible journey that I know will only lead to better opportunities and a more fulfilling life. He has been a great mentor thus far and I look forward to continue to learn from him.

Meaghan Kate Hardy

Peter is one of my top business mentors as well as friend. He has taught me and enabled me to run with a great idea, all while maintaining a scalable business operating at the highest level of integrity and consciousness. I would highly recommend anyone considering starting or scaling a business to consult with Peter.. he is more than likely the most dynamic and well versed entrepreneurs out there.

Frank Clear, CEO at Bold Barter

August 18, 2018, Peter worked with Frank in the same group

“I have worked with Peter on several business projects, including this entrepreneur card. Peter has an infectious way of creating great business projects. I know with out doubt, that several of his current projects are going to be ultra successful. The travel coin, coupled with corporate barter projects and this entrepreneur card are definite winners. Please feel free to contact me for any other information.”


An Eye for Good Businesses

Having started or help start more than 150 startups, Peter J. Burns III has an eye for businesses that would be ideal for a millennial entrepreneur. That is why he has personally cultivated a list of startup ideas that have the greatest chance for success.

The Simpler, the Better

One of the first qualities any business idea should have to be suitable for a young entrepreneur is that it must be simple. The last thing a female entrepreneur needs to do is spend days or weeks trying to understand the startup. Simple equals success.

The Market Demands It

A demand for the startup’s products and services is a necessity. An example of such a company might be one that makes it easier for someone to work from home in light of the pandemic. We have carefully screened the startups we recommend to female millennials to make sure there is a need.

Limit the Upfront Cost

Everyone knows that starting a new business is costly as there are always unanticipated costs in its infancy. That’s why the initial cost to launch the startup should be minimal. We look for that, so you don’t have to. 

Our Own Expertise to the Table

Having spent decades in the trenches with startups, Peter J. Burns III has pretty much seen it all. What’s more, so have the mentors he has assembled as well as his team. This subject matter expertise when it comes to placing a young female entrepreneur into a business translates into an improved chance for success.