Taylor Harrell 

Track athlete Taylor Harrell is getting comfortable with a different kind of starting block. An aspiring business owner, Harrell is in the process of creating an online boutique as part of Peter J. Burns III’s Millennial Queenmaker program. 

Hailing from the small town of Tonkawa, Oklahoma, 20-year-old Harrell says she reached out to Burns after discovering his unique, female-focused program online. 

A business major in college, Harrell says she didn’t know where to begin in any phase of starting a business. 

“Whether you’re a woman, or living in a small town, it’s very difficult to reach out and get help or the experience to start a business,” she says. “I’m lucky to get this opportunity and I want to take advantage of it.” 

Immersing herself in the Millennial Queenmaker program, Harrell moved to San Diego and found mentoring opportunities from Burns, a serial entrepreneur, as well as other aspiring businesswomen. 

Harrell’s preparing to go live with her JOMO Boutique, an online site where she’ll sell clothing, jewelry and knickknacks related to meditation, such as candles, incense and sage. 

Through Millennial Queenmaker, Burns connected Harrell to husband-and-wife team Juli and Jeremiah Crafton. Their company, JJC Unlimited, helps people create niche online marketplaces.

“Peter’s an ultra-creative guy with a lot of ideas, and he paired us up with Taylor,” Juli Crafton says. “She’s a sweet girl with a lot of dreams and passion. We find out what she wants the store to be and we’ll make sure she makes money at it.” 

* * * Taylor Harrell is a participant in the Millennial Queen program for business-savvy women. To get more information, reach out through the chat feature to the right of this page.