Sudipa Datta 

Sudipa Datta was prepared to enter into a simple lease negotiation with Peter J. Burns III. After discussing rental space, the conversation quickly switched to Burns’ entrepreneurial-focused Millennial Queenmaker program. 

Today, along with her full-time job, Datta is doing special projects for Burns and anticipates becoming an online store owner. All thanks to that chance encounter. 

A graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in business management, Datta has been working in the corporate world, in a variety of capacities. 

“I’ve always worked in normal jobs and thought that was how life was supposed to go,” she says. “I didn’t know there were other paths. But now I’ve seen another side of the business world. I’m very interested in entrepreneurial work, and the financial freedom that can come with that.” 

The Millennial Queenmaker program is a unique opportunity focused on savvy, business-oriented women. 

While Datta works on special projects—involving graphics/logos, business management and being a liaison for Burns with other entrepreneurs—she’s planning on creating her own internet-based business.

Datta has been brainstorming with Burns’ associate Juli Crafton. Her company, JCC Unlimited, helps people create niche online marketplaces. 

Inspired by a devotion to her one-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed puppy, Luna, Datta is aiming to start an online pet products store. 

“In the beginning, it’ll be food and accessories—stuff that’s easy to ship,” Datta says. “Juli has encouraged me, and I’m excited to see where I can go with this.” 

* * * Sudipa Datta is a participant in the Millennial Queen program for business-savvy women. To get more information, reach out through the chat feature to the right of this page.