Jennifer Osmun 

Jennifer Osmun skews outside the Millennial demographic—but is reaping the benefits of Peter J. Burns III’s Millennial Queenmaker program. 

Osmun, like Burns, is a native of Connecticut who made the transition to Southern California living. She got her start working in administration for Burns. 

“I have big dreams,” Osmun says. “I want to find passive income opportunities, make my own hours and create something in the business world that I can pass along to my two kids.” 

Not long after packing up and settling in San Diego, Osmun discovered Burns’ online offer to help fund and mentor qualified female candidates in his program. 

Osmun had been a personal assistant on the East Coast, working for an upscale retirement community. Along with personal chores like making doctor appointments and arranging transportation, she also helped residents who oversaw businesses. 

After an interview with Burns, they quickly meshed and he hired her to be his personal assistant. 

“Within a week, things changed and I was made operations manager,” Osmun says. “And not long after that I took it upon myself to head up the human resources department.”

The Burns organization was in hiring mode and it was something that needed to be done. Now, there’s about half a dozen people on staff—some who were doing admin work while also starting businesses in the Millennial Queenmaker program. 

Osmun finds herself in a “motherly” role with many of the Millennials—but she’s also on the lookout for her own entrepreneurial role. 

“This is an unbelievably unique, special opportunity,” Osmun says. “I’m looking at the chance to start an online store—maybe organic pet products. And I’m also happy my 14-year-old daughter is seeing how this works and is also interested.” 

Jennifer Osmun is a participant in the Millennial Queen program for business-savvy women. To get more information, reach out through the chat feature on the Millennial Queenmaker Website.