Rising from within the organizational ranks, Megan Moen has been named president of
Millennial Queenmaker, a female-focused company founded by serial entrepreneur Peter J.
Burns III.

Moen, 26, had already been accepted into the Millennial Queenmaker program and was working
on her own entrepreneurial start-up when she was tapped by Burns to be company president.

“Megan is emblematic of the women we have and will continue to attract to the program,” says
Burns, who has started up, funded or helped manage more than 150 companies. “Above all, she
is incredibly intelligent. Just as importantly, she is also ambitious. She has a goal in mind and
won’t stop until she achieves it.”

Becoming MQ President

Why take the job as president at Millennial Queenmaker?

“It’s like being an entrepreneur in that Peter has trusted me with a great deal of latitude to run the
company and explore new avenues of growth,” Moen says. “It also is a great opportunity to be
instrumental in the lives of tens of thousands of young women who want to fulfill a dream and be
their own boss (or manage their own company).”

Moen believes there are “many, many women out there” with similar traits who don’t see a path

“Without the right resources, money or mentorship that dream can be downright impossible,”
Moen says. “Even with a business degree and years in Corporate America, I didn’t know where to start or who to trust with my vision.” She says it is common — especially in the COVID era and the post-pandemic world—for the entrepreneurial dreams of young women to die before they ever get off the ground.
“It’s all wildly confusing at first,” Moen says. “And I can tell you that a lot of my peers don’t
want to look like a dumb young girl who doesn’t even know what questions to ask. It’s a
substantial barrier, one that Millennial Queenmaker will help break down.”

Serial Entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III

The Millennial Queenmaker program is a unique concept aimed at helping business-savvy
female entrepreneurs start-up and run their own companies.

“I believe that with my concept of the ‘Millennial Queenmaker,’ I’ve broken the code to
financial security and independence for young women who are qualified to enter into my
program,” Burns says.

He has the means to qualify select applicants by repairing their personal credit (when needed)
and enhancing their credit profiles to the point that they are eligible for a portion of $1.5 billion
in unsecured credit he has assembled and can provide for business start-ups.

The pandemic has been rough on every businessperson—from coast to coast and around the
world. That’s why experience with the ups and downs of markets is a key to current success.
In addition to having a background in teaching entrepreneurship at higher institutions of learning,
Burns has a proven track record of bringing students/graduates into project manager positions at
the companies he’s helped spring to life.

Moen becoming president of Millennial Queenmaker is the perfect example.

Becoming a Millennial Queenmaker

Whatever your age or niche interest, the process for an entrepreneurial-minded businesswoman
to become a Millennial Queenmaker candidate is relatively simple:

  1. Reach out or get introduced to Burns and his team.
  2. Undergo a vetting process for suitability for the program and viability of a particular project.
  3. Commence an analysis of your personal finances (income, credit history).
  4. If necessary, gain an introduction to Financial Resources to repair or enhance your credit history.
  5. Be introduced to the Burns Funding banker to determine the amount of an initial unsecured
    line of credit.
  6. Do budgeting for a project launch that includes job responsibilities and determines wages.
  7. Work with the team to create web design, lead generation, public relations, staffing and any
    other necessities for the business.
  8. Launch a new business!

More Information

Want to get more details and see if you qualify to be part of the Millennial Queenmaker
program? For more information, reach out at the bottom of this page.