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The Right Business Advice

Peter J. Burns III has successfully started hundreds of businesses and mentored thousands more.

Let him guide you as you contemplate the next steps that will transform your business to a labor of love with profits.

Peter is brilliant at connecting the dots, whether that may be people or partners. He can see profitable opportunities for expansion in any business.

Don’t wait any longer.

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Find the Right Business for You

Peter J. Burns III sees potential in businesses that other entrepreneurs do not see.

He sees the innate skills that young people have and guides them towards success and independence.

Seeing a small business with potential, he finds a passionate and hardworking entrepreneur to take over and make it their own.

Tapping his own experiences and vision, Peter can serve as your mentor and guide, placing you in the right business.

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Its not easy to raise money when starting a new business, especially with no history of profitability.

Whether it is from his own financial resources or committing the time and effort from his lending partners, Peter will help you secure funds to help you take that step towards realizing your dream.

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Millennial Queenmaker

We help female entrepreneurs break barriers through mentoring, funding, and connections, helping them to become the best business owner they can be. Millennial Queenmaker staff have assembled a group of female mentors, to create a recipe for business success that is second to none.